Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do I have to be an Oak Lawn Resident to join your league?

A - No.  You may join OLB regardless of where you live.  Be aware that there may be practices during the week that your child will need to attend.  



Q - Are OLB's prices different for non-residents?

A - No.  Our prices are the same no matter where you reside.



Q - Do I have to purchase a uniform?

A - No.  OLB supplies the uniforms.  You will need to supply your own shoes and mitts, however.


Q - What equipment should my child have?

A - We recommend having the following equipment, depending on the league:
Girls' Softball
USSSA approved bat
Fielder's mask
Batting helmet with face mask
Softball cleats
Sliding shorts
Player's equipment bag

Boys' Baseball
Bat for t-ball through Mustng: 2 1/4 " barrel
Batt for Bronco and up: 2 5/8" barrel USA approved
Batting helmet
Baseball spikes - non-metal until Pony 
Athletic supporter/cup
Sliding shorts for Pinto and up
Player's equipment bag


Q - Does OLB offer any baseball in the fall?

A - Yes.  We have a Fall Ball season that generally runs during September and October.  Registration information will be posted as the season approaches.  Registration fees for Fall Ball are less for players that played OLB during the spring.



Q - Does OLB have travel leagues?

A - Yes.  We have part-time travel and full time travel leagues for both boys and girls.  See our Contact Info page to contact travel VPs.